Watch WTF Weekends Part 2 –


Best Man Speech

Welcome to the second instalment of our new WTF Weekends series. Don’t worry, if you’ve missed the first episode, you can always catch up now…I’ll wait.

Following Kofi’s singing escapades in episode 1 I gave him the chance to use his voice in a slightly different way. A speech.

It’s true the best man speech is a timeless wedding day staple. But I thought I would put my own spin on it to make it a little bit more challenging. Give the video a watch to see how he gets on and let us know what you think of his surprise speech.

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WTF Weekends has the ability to be anything, but ultimately we wanted it to be something that opens hearts and minds, takes us on new adventures and brings people together. People tend to have the idea that fun stops after your 20s. That you settle down with a job, a family and move slowly towards retirement. RUBBISH! Your 30s are when you have the money and wisdom to know what you want. It’s when you can chase after all those things that you never got to do in your 20s.

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Take it sleazy.

CTK Team