Watch WTF Weekends Part 1 –

What is WTF Weekends? –

If you missed our original call out, welcome to WTF Weekends.

WTF Weekends has the ability to be anything, but ultimately we wanted it to be something that opens hearts and minds, takes us on new adventures and brings people together. People tend to have the idea that fun stops after your 20s. That you settle down with a job, a family and move slowly towards retirement. RUBBISH! Your 30s are when you have the money and wisdom to know what you want. It’s when you can chase after all those things that you never got to do in your 20s.

Want to learn to salsa? Let us know, we’ll join you on your first lesson! Never visited a national park? Let’s go hiking together! It really can be that simple. Most people only have a weekend’s worth of freedom, so why not make that weekend the best possible weekend? That’s what we set out to do.

The Wedding

But there was a slight problem. The first weekend was when Kofi had a wedding scheduled…

I decided to not let that stand in the way. So I stole his wedding outfit! From then it was all – well, you can watch the video and find out!

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See you soon beautiful people.

CTK Team