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Straight after filming in the Dominican Republic I zipped over to the French mountains of Tignes to film Summer Dance Camp 2017. Wow, completely different setting but another great experience. I was limited in my resources and very limited on time (because I was also teaching dance workshops at the camp) but I was tasked with creating a short re-cap trailer that gave an overview of the dance atmosphere of the camp.

When your technical limitations are high, your focus changes. In this case, it changed to people. How did they feel in the moment and how do they make me feel when watching them? Needless to say I had a huge smile on my face all the time because it’s clear that everybody in the video was having the time of their lives.


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Balancing the Travel Life

Surrounded by such beauty I was itching to go play in the mountains. But of course, I had my responsibilities as a film-maker and as a dance teacher. What to do? The best advice I can give is to budget your time wisely and be proactive! Wake up 20 mins earlier to capture a timelapse, film everyone else’s emotions before you fully process your own, Budget. Your. Time.

On one of the days my workshops were the first and the last of the day. So after teaching an hour and a half class, I set off to conquer one of the mountains before heading back to take some classes and teach my own. I could have rested, but I knew I had this time to do something, and I knew some shots at the top of the mountain would look epic. So I did what served the video and my own interests simply because I knew what I had to do and when I had to do it.

This isn’t the first video I’ve done for B-Center and it isn’t the first promo for Summer Dance Camp either. So feel free to check out some of the other videos I’ve created over the years.

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Stay tuned! – Kallum Love

Watch the Summer Dance Camp 2017 Recap: