Britain supports the PEOPLE of the NHS –


Today we wanted to try a different format. Something that still allows us to inject humour into important issues. But also allows us to connect with our isolated friends around England.

Enter CTK News

It started when we heard about the ridiculous and hilarious news of a rally. Coupled with our friend’s Instagram series #blackboris that had us in stitches on a near daily basis. We had the script written and ready in less then 24 hours. But it was missing something. We’d all been burning over the situation. Feeling like the government had been failing, falling short or acting too late on so many issues, and that culminated when we started to see our friends on the front lines of the NHS talking about the lack of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Seeing the lengths they had to go to to get their hands on anything that might give them a fighting chance at safety.

“There’s too many Covid patients coming in to cope with. We put on our brave smiles but inside we’re terrified” – One of the nurses photographed wearing a bin bag as PPE
There’s only so much you can stay good humoured about a situation until it stops being a joke and you have to just talk about the reality. This felt like that time for us. We couldn’t have done it without the people willing to speak to us anonymously (due to fear for their jobs) about their situation. We see everyday, we’re being told what we can do to protect the NHS. Stay at home. It’s constant. “Stay at home, protect the NHS”.
NHS Image 2
NHS Image 1

When are the government going to start protecting the people that make the NHS possible? I’m so proud of every one of them. I’m proud of the people buying food for their neighbours. For the people creating quizzes to entertain their friends. For everyone staying strong and supporting each other during these trying time. We will continue to make each other proud.

Let’s Stay Together!

I really hope we continue to keep this collective mind set and don’t lose sight of what it takes to support a community. These people can’t buy food and shelter from our claps and appreciation alone. And if we value the people of the NHS as much as we say we do, our government needs to start paying them what they deserve!

p.s this is being released the same day as mp’s are given £10,000 each to work from home…if only there was a magic money tree.