Dear Vegans!

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news…but the rumours are true!

Epstein didn’t kill himself?

…not that rumour…I’m talking about vegans being good people. I’ve seen a lot of racist, sexist and generally self aggrandising rhetoric coming from the vegan community lately and so we want to clear a few things up:


  • Vegetarianism has no value! – Seriously, I see it so much. People acting like vegetarians are terrible for eating eggs or milk. Are they abhorrent industries that shouldn’t exist? Yes. Can we expect everyone to live by the same moral compass and immediately make the switch to Veganism? No. I salute the activists that are working their hardest to make change, and yes it’s important to challenge people and tackle these difficult areas. But it’s also important to realise how people react to being challenged in different ways and to try and be patient with the journeys of each individual.


  • Veganism is the moral baseline! – Eurgh. If I had a penny for every time I’ve been told this. That being vegan isn’t enough and you have to be an activist. To be honest, in essence I agree. But to use that to put down or pressure other people is a different story. Not everyone has the time to be an activist, maybe they respond differently to confrontation, or social judgement, or maybe they just got some s**t going on in their lives. I also find it interesting how many people have told me this and yet are less than active on so many other important issues.


  • There’s no excuse not to be vegan! – There is…there definitely is. Sit down. All the way down. Watch the video if you need to. But just find some way to stop it.

Kofi’s Kitchen

All this being said, what we DO like to do here at CTK Media is give you some fun and delicious recipes that are plant based as f**k. If you like Game of Thrones, we got you! If you about that plantain life, we got you! We even got something for you Star Wars fans!

Also, while the thumbnail says ‘f**k vegans’…it means sexually…Game Changers proved that they have the superior bedroom prowess so do yourself a favour. Also the writer of this sketch doesn’t actually believe in good and bad. He believes only in papier mache cranes. I don’t know what that means, but he’s pretty adamant about it.

Catch you next time friends,

CTK Media