What I Eat in a Day –

Welcome to Kofi’s Kitchen! It was a cold and productive January, so we thought we would grab our favourite Kofi Smiles. Cook up some good food. And deliver to you a 3 part series of what he eats in a day. I know everyone thinks vegans are all stuck up, skinny hipsters. So we wanted to prove that someone as rad and buff as Kofi, can have their vegan game strong! Kicking things off we have a yummy Vegan Smoothie for breakfast.

Vegan Smoothie

He’s currently aiming to eat around 2,600 calories. Within that he gets about 200g protein, 235g carbs and 95g of fat. STOP THE PRESS! Did he say 200g of protein? Yes I did and this breakfast alone has around 46g protein. So watch the video, and check below for the full ingredients.


1 or 2 bananas

2 scoops ArbonneĀ  protein powder (or any alternative – preferably vegan)

50 Oats

Flax, sunflower, pumpkin seed, sesame seed mix

Chia seeds

Cinnamon – Lots of cinnamon

200ml almond milk (or other non-dairy alternative)

Handful of spinach (optional)

Handful of blueberries

Some water


Strawberries (optional) to put atop the smoothie

Crushed Eat Natural bar (optional)

Extra chia (optional)

Note: Although we specify ‘toppings’, the ONLY true way to drink this is directly from the blender.

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See you soon!

CTK Media Team