Travel Activities –

As my passion for travel and exploration has grown, so has my love of keeping fit and doing outdoor activities.

This started with the obvious ones like hiking and going on bike rides in nature. But there’s definitely other activities that are a little more niche and have a steeper learning curve. Since getting deeper into pursuing the vanlife (for those that don’t know, I’m currently converting a van), I started to seek out some of these activities to give them a go.


Coming from Nottingham, England, this wasn’t very accessible to me growing up. Even much further into my adult life it wasn’t something I was very exposed to. I started playing around with skating and long boarding when I was 22, and it wasn’t until I visited a surfer friend in Biarritz a couple of years ago that I started to take more of an interest.

Every surfer I know has highlighted the spiritual connection you have with the elements. Being out in the sea, connecting directly with the water. Often getting to witness the beauty of sunrise or sunset. Constantly feeling the sun beating down or the sand under your feet. Adding to the good vibes, the surfing communities tends to be full of incredibly welcoming and beautiful souls.

I gave surfing a try for the first time just a few months ago in Morocco and can not wait to give it another go. Trying to get the hang of it was a lot of falling, getting back up and falling again. But when you catch a wave and the water pushes you along on top of your board, it did honestly feel amazing. There are some great surfing destinations. Portugal, Japan, Australia (check out this awesome list of 25 great surf spots around the world) so combining your travel with surfing seems like a great idea.

(Surfing in Morocco – Pictures by Houssine Khald and Kallum Love)

Bouldering / Rock Climbing

This is something I’ve tried here and there throughout my life but only a few weeks ago did I truly start to get into it. I’m really loving bouldering at the moment and it seems like another classic #vanlife activity. Travelling from place to place to find the best climbing spots.

This is certainly a serious work out for me. After just a few minutes my forearms definitely start to feel the burn. I’ve only tried indoor bouldering (as a complete beginner), but since there’s no harness and a little bit of height it demands your full concentration and determination in order to complete a route. It’s also worth mentioning that I was blown away by the community on just my first session. My friend and I were extremely clueless and in awe of everyone. They were so friendly and willing to have a chat with us despite being a lot more advanced. Travelling isn’t just about the sights but also the people and the culture, so getting to know local rock climbing communities would undoubtedly be an enjoyable experience.

Outdoor bouldering/rock climbing will give you some incredible views and a complete connection with nature. I can’t wait until I get to experience this myself – Watch this space!

(Kallum bouldering in England – Pictures by Scott Murphy)


I got into yoga around 7 years ago when I was starting out on my dance journey. I began taking classes on my lunch breaks since I got them for free. This continued through dance school in Sweden and honestly, it was mostly just for flexibility and strength. It’s only since then that I’ve started to appreciate the spiritual and mental alignment that can come along with it.

A few years later when I was living in Annecy (a beautiful city in France), I had a lot of free mornings and found myself starting the day doing yoga on my balcony (yeah, I know how hipster this makes me sound). It truly was just a great way to start the day. The light breeze, the trees, the birds. Taking it all in and breathing it all out. I even lead a few yoga sessions out in the Dominican Republic last year. I would usually work until 1am and get up at 6am to stretch it out and honestly…starting my day that way made me not really miss the sleep. Since then I’ve gotten to know a lot of avid yogis that travel around the world giving or taking yoga classes and it seems like an amazing way to see the world and the people within it.

I asked my travel yogi friend Nicole Windle for some words on her experiences so far 🙂

Nicole Windle

“As a yoga teacher I’m constantly looking for classes to challenge or relax me and this can be difficult when travelling as you don’t know the teachers. You are just judging the class by the title of the class.

I’ve been to some mind blowing classes and some very disappointing, boring ones whilst on my travels. But it’s all part of the fun! Once I went to a class in Berlin that was in German (I don’t speak a single word of German!) But it’s a wonderful experience to connect with people from all walks of life, all around the world!

Along with teaching yoga,  I also work for a yoga retreats website ( which allows me to work remotely from anywhere in the world and connect with even more yogis!! The website allows people all over the world to choose a yoga retreat or even a teacher training in any style and duration to suit them. Constantly helping people along their yoga journey!”

If you want to see more of Nicole and maybe try some of her yoga/guided meditation you can check out her awesome Youtube Channel, Facebook Page and Instagram 🙂 

Thanks for reading! Catch you next week 🙂

Love, Kallum <3