Tour Du Monde Au Manège is an event that takes place annually in Chambéry, France where students and residence are given the opportunity to share the culture of their country with the thousands of visitors that attend the event.

With a massive array of activities constantly throughout the day, the intention was to capture as much of it as possible and bring a sense of storyline and chronology in the edit. Fortunately the energy and enjoyment was never hard to find and so it became easy to become a part of the atmosphere and activity whilst keeping the camera rolling. This lead to some great interactions with both the people taking part in the event and the audience in attendance.

The organisers of Tour Du Monde Au Manège change on a yearly basis but after watching our video from 2015, CTK Media were asked back to film the event in 2016. Unfortunately, we were already scheduled for another project that weekend but thankfully it wasn’t long until we got another opportunity to film in France.