Get cuddlin’ –

Hopefully you’re more of a cat person than a dog person, as here is the full CTK Media team all kittened up but ready to film. While cats can sometimes be jerks, we promise we’re not…as long as we get our midday naps.

Cuddlin' Kittens Banner Image

Where, what, why and stuff

Of course you may have already seen 2 of these designs on our business cards which we posted in August last year. Of course, a shout out to Matthew Artimen, who designed these beauties.

So I think the real question now is, who is the cutest kitten of the bunch? To help you decide, below you can see them individually in all their perfectly groomed splendour.

For those memories are now,
Just like these little kittens,
I hold in my hands.
Those can be kissed,
And treasured;
But not held too tightly.
― Sanober KhanTurquoise Silence

Lets see them kittens up close and cuddly

Meow meow meow, meow.

CTK Media Team