Prime Minister Returns to Health!


As Ash Sarkar said on Sky News,

“It’s the kind of slavish fawning that would embarrass broadcasters in North Korea”.

Yes, the UK Prime Minister has been the hot topic of the past week or two, with one newspaper (that would be better used as toilet paper) headlining “Get Well Soon Babe”. This happened along side the death rate in England continuing to rise. Including the unfortunate passing of Abdul Mabud Chowdhury. A doctor who last month urged the Prime Minister to ensure each and every NHS worker had PPE (which we covered in last weeks CTK News).

But never the less. In light of the Prime Minister’s recovery yesterday we thought we would entertain those on lock down with a special quiz. “Did Boris Say It?”. With this quiz you get to test your wits as you work out whether or not it was our very own oafish Prime Minister that said something stupid, or some other oafish person. Sure it sounds easy, but can you get top marks?

Testing Co-Vid Vaccine in Africa?

If you haven’t already heard, people have been getting on my last nerve left, right and centre. The latest of which being Camille Locht and Jean-Paul Mira. The two French doctors that had the audacity to fix their lips to suggest trialling a Co-Vid vaccine in Africa.

Well, ofcourse after a rapid and well-deserved backlash they have made their respective apologies and things have returned to normal. But that doesn’t go without making it abundantly necessary to have conversations on medical colonialism in Africa. I mention time and time again in the video that this sort of thing continues to happen. So I’m sure this won’t be the last time. But please let it be the last time it’s suggested without significant backlash and refusal!

I hope you find yourself well. Safe. And surviving this situation as best you can.

Stay safe. Stay loving. See you in a few days!

CTK Team