Watch Heaven Top Trumps: Brexit –

We were getting together for Kallum’s birthday when in slow motion, Cash looked over to Kallum, winked and uttered two magical words…



Table Read!

I haven’t been involved in a table read in perhaps 10 years, not as an actor anyway. I’m not made for saying lines and reading tables. I tend to let the tables read themselves. But this week, that changes!

We sorted through the vault of old scripts and pulled out one that is probably even more topical today than it was when it was written 3 years ago. Brexit.

For those that don’t know…wait, who am I kidding? EVERYBODY KNOWS ABOUT BREXIT.

So without reviewing the script (we thought it would be funnier if we were reacting to it in real time), we divided up the roles and began reading. Jokes on us because we got to the end and unveiled a shocking ending that nobody had remembered ever reading. So shocking that we cancelled the live stream and shut off the cameras, locked the cameras in a safe and swallowed the key. In amongst all the excitement we forgot to film a proper ending to the script or outro to the video. How embarrassing.

What we did discover though was that we love getting together and doing table reads. We also discovered that interracting with people through live stream is freaking awesome! All this to say that’s definitely not the last table read, or the last live stream so to keep up with our goings on make sure to like us on Facebook, and now you can even follow us on our brand new Instagram page. Exciting times.

I hope you enjoyed the table read and well…between us 2, we have another coming next week.

See you then, bring your tables.

CTK Team