Threads of Toxic Masculinity –

So we’ve been playing around with writing scripts based on the lovely thoughts and ideas that we see on the internet. We’re calling these stories ‘Threads‘ (as in, ‘internet threads’). This particular thread was people writing conditions that certain super powers could be used in. Delving deeper into this, Kofi (the writer) explored the absence of meaningful gender and racial diversity in superhero films. Later writing an article (COUGHrantCOUGH) surrounding Toxic Masculinity and the Shades of Hollywood.

This is the first of our films where we’ve been able to use talented actors, decent equipment and…ok we definitely didn’t have a big enough crew…The director doubled as the boom op, the writer doubled as the producer, the camera operator doubled as grip, gaffer and eye candy. It was hectic! We started by venturing up to Hull where we would be setting up in the BBC building. Followed by a half day of rehearsal and a day of filming.

superhero pitch image

(On Set – Actor, Kofi working the clapper board)

Behind the scenes

The biggest challenge of the day was definitely lighting. Unable to completely black-out the office, we had to adapt to the ever changing whim of the English weather. The sun bursting through the blinds in full intensity one moment, and completely absent the next. But it was worth it. We especially loved the vibrant colours of the office. The seats. The backdrops. It was a lot of fun finding ways to add our own gels and lights within the scene that compliment and enhance the already vibrant office space.

I’m not going to lie, we genuinely loved every second of it. The actors were not only amazing at adding depth and humour to the story, but also just great people to be around. So much so that we’ve began working their characters into our other stories (hint: they’ll be another sketch coming next month…it’s about sex…).

We had originally planned to do an informative behind the scenes, highlighting the trials and triumphs of film-making. But the process ended up being so much fun that nothing summed up the experience like an out-takes video. Don’t get me wrong, the amount of planning, prep and work that went into this was immense. But when you’re surrounded by your friends doing something you love, it somehow didn’t feel like it…after we had chance to catch up on some sleep.

Superhero Pitch: Toxic Masculinity Man

Behind the Scenes