In the summer of 2017 we spent 2 weeks in the Dominican Republic filming for Gap Medics. We captured a variety of footage in hospitals, orphanages, beaches etc. and then created this round-up of all the best moments spread over La Romana and Santo Domingo.

It’s essential to capture the atmosphere and mood that these placements allow. Condensing 2 weeks of such an action packed adventure into just 1 minute is so fast paced that you barely get to focus on anything in particular in great detail. But the intention is to deliver the emotions, the sights, the sounds and the constant wonder that filled the students from sunrise to sunset. Hopefully this video achieves that goal.

We also interviewed some of the students on a beach in Saona Island that you can view here. As well as writing an article on the whole experience alongside hiring our first freelance photographer which you can also read about here.

For more information on Gap Medics placements, visit their website.

Summer with Gap Medics 2017: