Stef + Greg Wedding Video –

Punk Rock Wedding –

Every wedding is different and every couple is unique. A loud, fast and heavy punk rock tune may not be everyone’s cup of wedding tea. But for Greg and Stef this was right up their aisle. We love the opportunity to stretch our legs and try something different, and the result is…AWESOME!

Everything about this wedding was awesome. From the Star Wars themed cuff-links, to the pre-wedding kimonos. We could edit 100 videos with the range of footage we captured (and we just might). But our favourite has to be the first dance. It’s usually a great moment to edit simply because of the energy and excitement but this was a full on choreography! and we couldn’t have been more impressed. OK, coming from a dance back ground I’m a little biased, but this was so. damn. badass!

They may have been demons on the dance floor but in the golden hour sun you would think they had the halos of angels. I can only hope all our future weddings are as picturesque.

Huge thank you Stef and Greg, and may the force be with you.

Wedding Production: CTK Media
Photographers: Ayelle Photography
Location: Sheene Mill, Cambridgeshire