The Short Film:

Our idols Film Riot put out a short film challenge called the stay at home challenge.

The Making

As soon as we heard about it we decided to enter. CJ had a script idea almost instantly and it was written up later that day. We then set a plan to film 3 videos the following day. Unfortunately the shoots ran over a little and we ended up filming an extra video. Causing the short film challenge video to get pushed back.

One of the videos was the video honouring the Prime Ministers recovery…we planned to film it and release it whenever that happened…Little did we know that it was happening and was announced WHILE we were filming. This gave us 24 hours to get the video turned around. Which means, fully edited for 3 different platforms complete with behind the scenes photography and a website article all while still maintaining our regular full time jobs.

This caused the short film to get pushed back even further. Until it came to 10pm, and we had 48 hours until the film deadline. Do we still try to create something?

Hell yes we do! And it was worth it.

Behind the Scenes

In just a couple of hours with limit resources we managed to film something that not only looked great. But had us laughing and having so much fun while we were doing it.


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We really just love getting to make people laugh and have fun when they’re watching something. So even though we tend to make a lot of darker films (some still to be released) a lot of them stlil have an underlying comedy or punchline to them that we feel just adds a beautiful levity to a tense moment.

We hope you enjoyed the film and we will see you very shortly for yet another video.

Have a great week!

CTK Media Team