Behind the Awkward Sex –

This was one of my favourite CTK shoots to date. The whole team was in attendance, we had our favourite actors, we got to throw a party and despite what you might think there was no nudity on set…apart from the director. That guy got wayyy too into it…

One of the things they DON’T teach you at film school is how to film sex scenes (or in this case, awkward sex scenes). Now, I don’t want to de-construct the process too much but this wasn’t some Hollywood passionate encounter where you want the sparks to fly. This had to look awkward, feel awkward. Now imagine that with 3-5 other people in the room. Yeah…not your typical Saturday night.

We’ve had this script in the vault for years. Originally exploring the differences between drunk sex and sober sex it evolved into overall social awkwardness and over thinking. But it wasn’t until we started working on our last short that we realised that Joe and Jess would be perfect for these roles and Kofi adapted the script beautifully.

If this sketch isn’t enough skin-showing action for you, check out our behind the scenes shots and short teaser trailer.