Eurotrip Lessons Part 1: This isn’t an admission of my sex life or anything revealing. But it is something I felt like starting my journey by talking about.

First off, I haven’t wrote a blog in a few weeks because I was working really hard to finish the van and begin my Eurotrip. I am now on the road and have visited 2 of 10 countries already – you can follow the journey day by day on my Instagram stories πŸ™‚

One Nights Stands

Back to the subject of sex and dating.

It should come as no surprise but people are different. Cultures are different. And it’s really difficult to drop everything we perceive about sex and sexuality and take on the values of our surroundings.

My first night in France was a really different vibe. Now this isn’t a generalisation of France. I lived here for over a year and never felt like this. But the bar we went to was like a rabbit hutch. In England, sexuality is a massive driving force in the night-life culture. But I feel like subtlety is the key. Here, subtlety was absent, and it got me thinking. If one night stands aren’t your thing, how long does it take to develop a romantic connection? Can you still have sex while travelling?

Of course everyone is different. There is no exact amount of hours. You can’t put a stop-watch on feelings.

But travel is a catalyst.

Connections can be deeper

If you’ve ever been to a summer camp or something similar you’ll know that you can become BFF’s in a matter of days.

There are people I’ve known for years in my ‘normal life’ that I haven’t felt as close to as people I knew for just a week while abroad. And the same can be said for dating.

Being our most care-free, open and receptive selves allows for a deeper connection in a shorter time frame. (Summer lovin’ happened so fast).

One evening could be all it takes to get butterflies in your stomach.

One afternoon could be enough to continue travelling together.

One kiss could feel like love.

What’s the Lesson?

Maybe you’re thinking, so what?

Well I guess this will be the first of a diary of travel lessons.

What’s my lesson? What can I take away, to learn from when the travel ends?

I guess, if you like someone, just f***in go for it.

I get so in my head.




I’m guilty of them all.

The other day a friend dared me to dance for a minute in front of 2 girls I had just met. I freaked out. I calmed down. I did it.

Yesterday a friend dared me to go into a sex shop alone and look at some things. I laughed. I breathed. I did it.

Today I’m freaking out about dating a girl that doesn’t speak the same language. I’m freaking out. I’m freaking out. But I’m sure I’ll do it.

So future Kallum. Living your day to day life. I guess the take away is just do it.

Put yourself out there.

Don’t care so much.

Enjoy life.

I was going to keep a diary while I’m on my Euro-trip but I thought maybe it would be good to summarise some thoughts and experiences in blogs and Instagram stories. If you’d like more of this diary/blog style then let me know πŸ™‚ and feel free to hit me up, ask questions, share your experiences.

Catch you in the next one!

Love, Kallum <3