Watch Perpetual Product Placement –

This week it’s a short sketch on product placement.

We had such a tight turn around. We shot 2 videos and 2 behind the scenes in 48 hours. But I wouldn’t change anything.

This one was so funny to shoot. The idea is just so ridiculous that we just kept adding more and more ideas during the shoot. We go into the story and how we wrote this sketch in the behind the scenes video (out next week). So I wanted to give you a little bit of info about the people that make it all possible. The actors.

Behind the Placement

So the main character is Joe (playing Cash) and he’s just an amazing, funny guy. He adds so much humour and personality to the role without any prompting or direction and it has us in stitches every time. But it’s not just comedy either. Rumour has it we have a more serious video in the pipeline that shows a darker side to Joe.

Kofi is #teamctk from the beginning. He’s our face, our writer, our producer, occasional boom op and everything else in between. But get this, he also acts! I love his ethic when it comes to acting. He takes the time to think critically about the character and considers their personality beyond just the words and he’s not afraid to go off script. Which makes for some hilarious content.

A huge thanks is also in order for Emline who helped us out last minute on the final scene. She cracked me up so much with her ad libs at the end (you’ll see in the behind the scenes). Acting is a scary and uncomfortable thing (as I came to realise) so it’s always amazing when friends help us out and does such a good job.

Thanks for watching, don’t hesitate to let us know what you think on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook or on the wall of your nearest public toilet.

And if you’re a major commercial brand that wants some product placement in our videos – We need 10 (of the latest) Imacs and 3 Rolex’s for…reasons.

Catch you next week CTKompadres