Check us cool cats out! (Sorry, I’ll stop now). We have new business cards.

That’s right, we’ve just received our newest CTK Media wedding business cards, featuring our very own cute little kitten avatars.

Sure, now all our gear has scratch marks, but it’s worth it!

We ordered the cards in advance for a wedding we’re shooting today at Bury Lodge, down near London.

While we’re based in Leeds primarily, we work all over. Previously our weddings have taken us to Killala, Ireland, where we stayed at the wonderful Wolf Dog Tavern and also to the beautiful @bagdenhallhotel┬áin West Yorkshire. Hell, I don’t need to tell you about them when you can check out the weddings videos for yourself.

We’re excited to capture the beautiful couple on the day. You should keep a look out for when the video goes up on our Facebook.

CTK Kitten Wedding Business Cards

Pretty swish if you ask me, and you did ask me. By reading this article you clearly wanted to know my opinion. Side note: My other opinion is your hair looks great today.

The best news is yet to come…and here it comes: These are just the first two. Soon, you’ll be able to see the full team, with Kofi and Scott’s cute little cuddly, wuddly kitten designs being sketched up as we speak.

Can’t forget, these sweet designs were cooked up for us by Matthew Artimen, a true legend. Thanks Matt.

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