Watch Make Texts Not Calls –

A long while ago we were listening to The Weekly Planet podcast (episode 111) and they made a joke about how everyone in Jessica Jones would be making phone calls and actually ANSWERING those phone calls. They ended with a call out for someone to bring their vision to life. They pretty much painted a word picture of this sketch.

Well, Weekly Planet. Challenge accepted.

This was originally filmed back in 2017 while we were starting up CTKMedia. Altogether it took 3 shoots. A test shoot. The actual shoot. Then a re-shoot of one of the scenes over a year later.

The beginning of CTK

This was the first short we’ve made together since university and even though we’ve released videos before this, they were all filmed after. This was before our high aperture lenses and low light camera capabilities. I had a clear vision of what I wanted it to look like but achieving that look without filming in daylight was really difficult. The start of the short really sets the tone and pacing so we were never quite happy with it until we were able to do the re-shoot. However, it was still very basic. One hand held camera, one lens and no lighting, but it really gave more of the atmosphere we wanted.

Everyone acting is just doing so as a favour having no background in acting. We were really just pulling together to make a video just to entertain people and because we love it. The lead actor Kofi Smiles is a presenter for BBC No Filter. Keep your eyes out for next weeks upload which will be a Behind The Scenes video of us muddling through, 2 years ago. All fresh faced and bushy tailed.

If you can’t wait until then you can check out our Socially Awkward Sex and Superhero Pitch sketches.

See you next week!

CTKitten <3