Eurotrip Lesson Part 2:

With travel there comes a strong inclination to want to “make the most of your trip”, and with that comes a tendency to plan. You plan what museums to visit. Which beaches look the cleanest. What hiking trails will give the best sights. You plan so much that your day becomes a schedule and within that there is little room for spontaneity.

The Spontaneous Dinner Invite

While on my Euro-trip I keep coming back to a vision of a big, welcoming dinner table where there are place mats, cutlery, glasses and chairs all arranged beautifully. It’s weeks before the dinner will take place and yet you know there is one extra seat around the table that has still yet to be filled with an invite.

Just knowing this will leave an inclination to want to fill that spot with someone you haven’t invited yet. Maybe you’ll bump into an old friend, reconnect with a flame or just invite the friendly server from the cafe you frequently visit. That one extra chair will leave room for the universe to bring someone into your life. And that one person may end up being the best thing to happen to you.

When you do the same with travel, amazing things can happen.

My Spontaneous Eurotrip

When setting off on my journey I had very little planned, I had an idea of which countries to visit and some important national parks along the way. But otherwise there was a lot of freedom to take on the suggestions of locals, meet unexpected people, and stay longer in destinations that I enjoyed the most.

The best example is my visit to Zurich, Switzerland. I had a friend of a friend on Instagram for almost a year. Someone that I respected and felt I had strong shared interests with. When this person messaged me saying she would host me if I passed by, I couldn’t resist the opportunity. What followed was one of the most unique and strong bonding experiences I’ve ever had with someone in just a few days. I didn’t plan on visiting Switzerland. In fact, that one trip made me run my whole route backwards. But I met someone that has changed my outlook on life, relationships and will definitely be a long lasting friendship (note: we also fasted and did enemas together but there’s an upcoming blog about that haha). 

I also, upon arriving to Slovenia was invited by someone on Tinder (I also have a post coming up on my Tinder experiences around Europe) to a small town not too far from Lake Bled. This town ended up having some amazing hiking trails and truly beautiful sights that came to be some of my favourites of the whole trip.

The Conclusion

Spontaneous travel can be the most enriching and rewarding travel. Just like all of the lessons I learn while travelling, it can be extended to everyday life. Next time you’re in a coffee shop, consider inviting someone to sit with you, or maybe use blablacar on your next car journey. Whatever it is, leave room for some spontaneity in your life.

Leave a seat for a stranger.

I’ve been a bit behind on blogging during my road trip because I was trying to be as present as possible. But I have a lot of blogs from the trip coming up so stay tuned and see you next week! You can also check out my Eurotrip Lessons Part 1 where I talk about sex, travel and dating.

Love, Kallum <3