What’s crazier and got more balls than a Mercenary with an over-active mouth and a healing factor that just won’t quit? A popular meat dish that’s just been veganised to F*CK! These chimichangas taste like heavens d!ck! No joke! Literally heaven in and around your mouth! 


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4 Sweet potatoes
2 Bell peppers
100g Chestnut Mushrooms
1 Red onion
Smoked paprika
Fresh garlic
Black pepper
Veggie Oxo



  1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C
  2. Chop up your sweet potatoes and mix with oxo cube and as much smoked paprika as you like. Add it all or none, it’s your tastebuds buddy! Place in the oven for 20 minuets. And if you can’t wait that long, suck it!
  3. Chop up and dice your bell peppers, mushrooms, red onion, garlic cloves, oxo cubes and mix them up together in a bowl, or if you fancy testing your chops, mix em straight up on your chopping board (send us some pictures of you doing this, *NOTE* Wrist must be bare in all photo’s, I can’t stress this enough!)
  4. Heat up a pan with some oil, throwing in your chopped veg along with your roasted, sweet potatoes, adding in smoked paprika whilst stirring . DO NOT fall in as it will hurt, that I can promise you.
  5. Toss and stir the contents about, looking like you know what you’re doing until the veg is cooked, then add your kale. Let it absorb moisture and crisp slightly before taking the filling off the heat.
  6. Place on a pan full of oil and turn heat on high.
  7. Place filling in the tortilla wrap, folding the wrap and pinning the openings close with tooth picks.
  8. Place them in the oil and fry on both sides for 2 mins before removing them from the pan and draining for 30 seconds.
  9. Top with salsa, sour cream, Jack Daniels, virgins blood or any side of your choice. And chow on down!


Foodie Factoids


  • This s**t tastes great. It’s live n deep fried. No need for you to know what goodness you’ve just killed off by frying do you? Oh, ok then!
  • The Majority of the ingredients are heavy in ‘molybdeumns’. These detoxify contaminants & free radicals found in our foods which helps to structure our connective tissue. And they work as a natural & tasty-ass anti-inflammatory, so it’s a great recovery meal from those hard task such as standing, walking to the fridge, being a dick and selfies. Happy now?