The short & sweet sounding hello –

Everyone knows sound is integral to video. You may also notice when watching our videos, music is a big part of how CTK Media like to tell a story. There’s nothing better than finding the right track to go hand in hand with the footage we film.

That’s why when we got asked to make XD Presents logo more dynamic, we jumped at the chance. We know when hearing that guitar clunk, and those frets sing, you will be back at your favourite gig.

Watch the XD Presents logo:

That Brand & New Sound

Most importantly, it’s always interesting to try help define a company’s image; their look and feel. It’s something that many take for granted.

Brand recognition isn’t solely visual, it’s all the senses, it should be emotional. A hijack of your brain to recollecting memories. This maybe a style, a sound or a tangential link to something personal. Any good brand aims to hit these points.

We hope this logo does XD Presents justice, and allows them to keep fighting the good fight of spreading music to the masses.