Watch In The Cypher –

Coming from a dance background I’ve attended a lot of events like this one. I’ve also made a lot of dance videos for clients. But if you’ve seen any of the previous videos they’re often fast paced, eye catching, modern video promos. With this video I wanted to give something that I don’t often get to give:

A laid back, authentic feel of what it’s like to be at a breaking competition. When people think about breaking battles they probably think of what they’ve seen on Step Up, You Got Served or a whole host of other films and music videos depicting dance battles. What you don’t often get to see are the cyphers; the heart and soul of the jam.

I was only filming for around 30 minutes. But I still managed to get some key ingredients: flavour, props, daps, laughs, respect, love and much more. It was a great event by Break Warriors and the music by Kub (Ill Records) sets the tone perfectly.

Sit back, enjoy and allow yourself to feel a part of the cypher.

Thanks for reading,

CTK Team