CTK News #2 –

Well aside from an increase in “pandemic parties” and speeding

There were 1,132 coronavirus-related breaches reported between 25 March and 7 April, the force said.

That included 494 house parties – some with DJs, fireworks and bouncy castles – and 166 street parties

People seem to appreciating the NHS more than ever, there’s clapping, and donating and Instagram story chains. Yes, people really love socialised health care…what they don’t seem to love is governments that support socialised healthcare.

It’s seriously wrinkling my brain how much money is being raised for something that should be tax funded.


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NHS Love

But that aside I’d love to bring something else to the forefront. Lets show our appreciation by creating as little work load for the NHS as possible. By not engaging in risky behaviour like speeding (regardless of how empty the roads may be). By ensuring we keep social distancing and stay inside as much as possible. Let’s keep this going far beyond Covid-19. I wish this compassion could spread and infect our thoughts forever. To appreciate our ability to look after one another. The homeless, the ageing, the vulnerable, the hungry, the sick, the disabled, the poor. Let empathy be what motivates us when we look to how we should form our societies.

On the final story. An update on the PPE situation. The government stay trifling and I’m over it. Laura says it best in this weeks CTK News:

“There’s enough toilet paper to go around but how about you use the right amount wiping up the s**t that comes out of your mouth” – Laura Carey

That’s all for today friends. I think this is 3 videos in a week. Thank you for any support you give.

Have a great day!

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