Watch Hungry For Apples – The Apple Advert with a Twist:

Can a tasty apple save your life?

Imagine you’re meeting a friend or a family member. They don’t show up. You send them a message…No response.

What do you do?

Do you just go home? Maybe they forgot or slept in.

You’re worried, but they’re not answering their phone, so what can you do?

Now imagine you get a text message saying the emergency services have been called to their approximate location, due to the detection of a hard fall. This happened to a man in Washington when meeting his Father who had fallen while cycling and landed badly. Luckily he was wearing an Apple Watch and this emergency text saved his life.

What’s this got to do with some delicious fruit? Well, Apples can also save your life, just not by calling an ambulance. If anything, the fruit is much, much better, as it could prevent the need to call an ambulance at all.

Back to the fruit

With this in mind, along with a task to make a short, fun product video, we at CTK decided that apples needed their time in the limelight once more.

As with any product photography shoot, this was both challenging and fun. The key is to really understand the properties of your product and how it interacts with the light. We wanted our apples to pop and look as juicy as possible.

The shot of an apple glistening in water we achieved through back lighting and firing short burst of water. Digital Marketing is a challenging environment, how do you sell something old as new? Something every day as exciting and sexy? Well, maybe you won’t find apples sexy after this, but hopefully, your mouth will be watering. Especially any of you Instagram foodies out there.

Of course, it’s not just about looks, it’s substance, so utilising some simple motion graphics, some masking, and other tricks, we made sure the video was informative as well as enticing.

Now, seeing as you’ve read this far, here are some additional fun facts about apples:

  • Apples can help you improve your memory.
  • They contain high levels of boron, which stimulates the electrical activity of the brain and increases mental alertness.
  • Most of the anti-oxidants in apples, including Quercetin, are found in the skin.

So can an apple save your life? Yes. An apple a day will keep you healthier. An Apple Watch a day will leave you poorer.

Stay healthy and see you soon.

The CTK Team