CTK Media was at the 2015 Hull Slip and Slide event organised by local band ‘BudSugar‘ which was free for the whole community. 

This was something extra that we made for Bud Sugar to release immediately after the event in order to keep the buzz alive while we edited the Round-Up video. It is teaser less than a minute long that was released just a day before the main video, but still managed to rack up over 1.5k views on Facebook.

Round-Up Video brief: Bud Sugar wanted a video that didn’t just document the activities of the day, but something that really captured the mood and atmosphere. It is a project that they would like to carry on into the future and hopefully this video will provide some insight into what the future projects may contain. Due to Bud Sugar’s large following on Facebook, we decided it would be best to take the product directly to the audience and upload the video to Facebook – the video has since received over 5,000 views.

We would recommend giving all your support to BudSugar who do so much to boost the artistic culture in and around Hull.