12 Hour Film Challenge –

Let me start by explaining how the 12 hour film challenge started.

With us doing so much on a tight schedule, 48 hour or 24 hour deadlines have become fairly commonplace. So when we realised we weren’t able to get this weeks video release signed off in time, we had just 12 hours to write, shoot and edit a new video.

Three out of four of us live in different cities and we all already had plans that day. So we had to be smart about how we budgeted our time, and the scope of the project.

The Logistics

We started with a 90 minute Skype meeting (as we do most weekends). After a few ideas we decided on one that 2 of us could spend 2/3 hours filming, leaving us 2 hours to back up/transfer footage and still have 5 hours to edit, give notes and grade the final piece.

oh…we also decided to instagram the behind the scenes of the process as well…not like there wasn’t enough to do.

There were so many problems that arose from the time restraints. Rushing to leave meant equipment was forgotten. Having such a short window to film meant we were completely at the mercy of the natural 1pm summer light. With no assistants to bounce or control the light in any way. But it did boost our creativity. We were forced to work with the surroundings and build the story around the environment, instead of the other way around which made for some interesting challenges.

We also managed to get TRW Audio in the mix at the last second to give us a professional sounding voice over. Definitely looking forward to working together more in the future.

All in all it was a really fun shoot and what we had as the result was a funny potential ad for a VPN company made entirely in 12 hours. Not bad.

See you next week!

CTK Team