Life’s a Beach –

As I mentioned in the last article, I’ve not long gotten back from filming in the Dominican Republic. The first releases are my impromptu beach interviews that I captured from the incredibly picturesque Saona Island. Nobody can sell the experience of a product like those that consume the experience first hand. So I took a couple of students, asked them 3 questions and split each question into a different video, giving them the space to talk freely and sincerely about their experience. Watching the videos back genuinely makes me happy to know that not only did they have an amazing time, but we got to share in and capture their experience.

(Fun in the Sea. Saona Island, DR – Photo by Kallum Love)

How to Interview on a Beach

These interviews were rather spontaneous. In an ideal world I would have had a boom (a microphone on a long stick) operator just off camera, a video camera and steady cam operator, an assistant checking for health and safety and maybe a couple of actors delivering the lines. HOWEVER: That sounds awfully plastic and expensive. So, instead it was two students that I got along with, a DJI Osmo (pretty much a stabilised Gopro) with a Rode Micro (cheap directional microphone) plugged into it and my photographer grabbing my t-shirt so I didn’t trip over a rock when walking backwards. Travel Videographer – living the glamourous life since 2017.

Are there issues with this, sure. [The camera’s dynamic range leaves much to be desired, the microphone captured a lot of ocean waves and the girls took some convincing and encouragement.] Was it the best way to film it, definitely not. [If I had all the money in the world, I’d probably have a trained camera monkey hanging from a drone wearing a fez…just because I could.] Is it a great video that captures a genuine passion and enjoyment of the girls? 100%! As well as using equipment within my range that I can easily take on a boat ride and carry around without dying of exhaustion.

Have you ever made something work with whatever equipment you had even though it maybe wasn’t the most ideal? I’d love to hear about it! You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and at the rest of the blog.

Stay tuned! – Kallum Love

Watch to Hear Their Most Fun Experience: