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Let’s talk about the submicroscopic infectious agent that is potentially in the room [fearful side-eye towards the last person that coughed]. Nobody wants to get infected by Covid-19, and equally nobody wants to be the one unwittingly infecting others. So back when the UK’s plan was still heard immunity. We thought we would do what the government wasn’t doing much of, and give people some information on how not to get infected.

Note: We would like to stress that we are not medical professionals and you should definitely take OFFICIAL health advice over anything you see on the internet on unofficial websites. Sites just like this one. We would definitely recommend you visit the NHS wesbite.

How NOT to get infected

With that said, if you are too lazy to watch the video (it’s been rated 74% funnier than this article, so I would recommend it) I’ll give you the skinny.

  • Wash your hands : Seriously, this is the number 1 recommendation EVERYWHERE! Most of you are thinking “so what? I already wash my hands 30% of the times I visit the bathroom.” I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news…”but I have pee on my hands?” Yes…Yes you do, but more importantly, you’re not washing them for long enough. You want to be using soap every time, and washing for at least 20 seconds. Everyone seems to be talking about 20 second songs that you can sing. But I prefer to insult myself in the mirror. I have a monologue that lasts almost exactly 20 seconds that I memorised from Peep Show. (Vox: How Soap Kills The Virus)


  • Avoid touching your face : As scary as airborne maladies may be, you’re more likely to catch this through contact. Touching things, people or yourself. Yes, I’m looking at you Mr. Fourth Time Today. So you really want to make sure that you’re not touching your face before washing your hands. Especially after you’ve been in contact with the outside world, or anyone you don’t live with. (BBC: How to Stop Touching Your Face)


  • Cough into your elbow : To be specific, the inside of your elbow. But also if you have a disposable tissue, you can cough or sneeze into that before throwing it into the eye of Sauron (a bin will work too). After you’ve done that, make sure you wash your hands. (CDC: Coughing and Sneezing)


  • Become a social outcast : This is the difficult one. The one that we waited FAR TOO LONG to make official in the UK. I’m quite proud to say that I’ve been social distancing for the past 10 years. As a result I have never had a cold…or a girlfriend. I win! Make sure you only leave the house when necessary e.g. for essential shopping such as food. Leave a gap of 2 metres or more when you do, and always make sure you wash your hands when you return home and avoid touching your face beforehand.  (ITV: Why Social Distancing Works)

To Conclude:

We’ve been coping through memes and humour throughout this difficult time. But the fact remains that this is a serious pandemic that isn’t going away any time soon. So the more we can do, and the sooner we can do it. Can mean the difference between a fast spreading pandemic that causes a lot of damage. And a slow spreading one that we can manage as well as possible.

With that said. We wish all the safety to everyone, and we will catch you next week (not you Covid!).

Have a great day!

The CTK Team