Community Healthcare in Tanzania:

Gap Medics x The Medic Portal –

Gap Medics and The Medic Portal are collaborating to give a fantastic Community Healthcare placement in Tanzania. We had the immense pleasure of creating a video to show just how much happens on one of their placements.

While our videos are often heavily driven by music, this video gave us an opportunity to use interviews and voice over to drive the narrative and pacing instead. One of the obstacles while shooting on location for this type of video is remaining inconspicuous. If you’ve ever seen behind the scenes of a feature film or perhaps in studio at a news network, you will have noticed just how much light, sound and camera equipment there is. On top of that, how much space the equipment takes up.

It’s our responsibility to ensure we’re ready to capture all the important moments as quickly and as unobtrusively as possible, while still maintaining a high quality image. This means the best small form factor cameras and as versatile lenses as possible. This way we can ensure communities and students feel confident enough to act natural, without sacrificing the quality of our videos.

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