Finding the Orgasm –

Our latest PSA video about finding the female orgasm was so well received by our friends that I figured it’s about time I write about what went into writing it.

Now this isn’t me patting myself on the back as some vagina whisperer (which would be an awesome superhero name by the way). It’s me admitting that I’ve been all of those guys. I’ve been that selfish guy that centers sex around his own pleasure. I’ve been the clueless guy that doesn’t really quite understand the female anatomy. I’m sure I’ve even finished first and called it a night…We can all agree I’m the worst.


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Sex Education and Porn

But these things happened because my sex education didn’t involve ‘pleasure’. It was babies, condoms and sexually transmitted diseases. So like most people I got my pre-sexual experience from porn. That male gaze orientated, sexist, racist institution that probably educated the majority of people my age on how to have sex.

Now we could get into the psychological effects of porn and the data from studies but this wasn’t that kind of episode. We just wanted to have some fun with it and make fun of ourselves. Why? Because it’s OK! We shouldn’t attach shame to these things. And I don’t say that to normalise it. I say that to create an environment of acceptance, questioning and learning. I want guys to have conversations about this stuff. With their friends, with their partners, with the postman. If we’re communicating openly about it then maybe they’ll be one less guy sending unsolicited dick pics tomorrow or maybe one less faked orgasm…Just probably not in our house am I right bae?

…oh right I’m single.

See you next week lovely people!

CTK Team