Racism in Inter-Racial Relationships –

If you haven’t seen any of our previous PSA style videos. They’re all based around conveying a serious message in a funny and satirical way. This one seeks to explore how being with a black partner (particularly male. Intersectional racism is a thing and we didn’t feel it appropriate to try and cover too much in one episode. Baby steps) doesn’t mean you don’t act in a way or believe things that upholds institutional racism. That could be an off the cuff remark. Perpetuating stereotypes. Or holding deeply negative beliefs about black people. It could even be thinking that your relationships or offspring awards you a level of blackness. It doesn’t!

Our Experiences

I’ve personally experienced everything in this video multiple times over. When talking with black friends, I began to learn more and more that it’s something frequently experienced by all. Yet it’s a topic that is so rarely covered or spoke about.

We really hope that everyone watching our videos enjoys them. But ultimately for this we want to start a conversation. To get people talking and sharing opinions and experiences. The more we normalise these conversations amongst ourselves (as black people) the more we can find comfort in our shared experiences and start to challenge them. We also implore everyone to read more into conversations around race and have provided below some books and articles that have inspired us or the people around us. We hope you enjoy those too.


Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race  – Reni-Eddo Lodge

Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of the Empire – Akala

Black, Listed: Black British Culture Explored – Jeffrey Boakye

Brit(ish): On Race Identity and Belonging – Afua Hirsch







I hope you take something from this and share it with your social circles 🙂

Catch you next week, friends.

CTK Team