Watch Dungeons & Dickheads: D&D Table read

After our first foray into table script reads resulted in some minor failure, we thought, f**k it, let’s see if we can fail twice.

So why not go with the ever popular D&D? With that in mind, let me present to you…

Dungeons and Dragons with Dickheads

Dungeons, dragons and dickheads. This video has it all.

D&D often takes place around a table with some weirdos doing their best to fit into society, but with little luck.

Yes, those weirdos are us. Except @Kofi_Smiles, that guy is the face of Hull! The inspiration for this script was finding a unique way to express the comicality of some pedants who believe themselves to be Gods of knowledge. See how I summed up the script so well? Did yah?

Yup, you’ve guessed it, I’m the twatty pedant. I’m not proud of it nor am I even good at it.

We have dogs (and other humans)


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Clearly the most integral part to this table read is @ArnoldTheDogDog (follow him on Instagram if you want to see him mostly sleeping). He, while normally quite barky, behaved really well. So I think in future we’ll make him the lead role in all future scripts. Maybe custom make some outfits to really get him into character.

But really, it’s thanks to Kofi, Kallum, Scott and Laura who really got comfortable with this experimental setup, and made the script shine.

Can we film it? Yes we can!

If you stick around at the end, the gang discuss how we may be able to make this sketch and I sure hope we do. Period/fantasy stuff can be harder with such a small budget. Mainly because so much needs to be considered for hair and make-up. However there are always creative ways round this and the scale of the video is small.

If we do manage to get it filmed, we’ll surely track our progress and release a behind the scenes. So keep your skin holes peeled back.

Thanks for reading this ramble, see you need week!

CTK Team