Exploring Malta –

Last year I went on a trip to Malta with a group of the funniest people I know. Every time we’re together it’s some of the best times I have…

…but, that doesn’t mean they make for good travel buddies.

Now if you’re someone that likes to experience the culture and sights when you travel, then I would DEFINITELY advise NOT to travel in large groups.

(Shots of Malta 2018 – Pictures by Kallum Love)

Why you SHOULDN’T travel in a group

Let me talk you through our trip.

We arrived to a surprisingly rainy welcome, admired our apartment which was definitely nicer than I was used to and headed to check out the local area. Somewhere along the lines we ended up with alcoholic drinks playing a game of touch football around the city. Now this is a fond memory that will be forever in my head. I even laugh while writing about it, but there is nothing particularly Maltese about it. However, this isn’t the problem of travelling in a group. That’s just English people being English (actually…the group was maybe 20% English now I think about it).

(The ‘gang’ in Malta – Picture by Kallum Love)

The problems came the next day when we were trying to organise 7 people to decide on something to do and follow through with it. We all have different ways that we wanted to spend the holiday and hadn’t planned them out in advance (because lads). So by the time we had decided, got in a taxi and arrived at the destination we would usually realise that we were so focused on deciding, that we hadn’t eaten.

After an hour or 2 of finding a restaurant that catered for all of us, deciding what we want, order, eat etc. we would realise that the place we were going to had closed. That we had no back up plan. Thus the day ended with us returning home.

…this happened THREE times, on the THREE days we spent there. No word of a lie.

Now there were some amazing memories made that trip. The brothel kidnapping, the reggae bar expedition, the Tokyo Drift audition, the Klan meeting. Oh man, the Klan meeting. But I am definitely going to have to make another trip to Malta to do some real travelling.

(Shots of Malta 2018 – Pictures by Kallum Love)

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Love, Kallum <3