Hard Times –

I feel like so much of this trip is communicated by the video and my previous entry that I don’t know what else to tell you…so I’ll be fully real. It was a tough time for me. My personal life was on the rocks. I didn’t really know where I was going or what I was doing. I was technically homeless. Despacito was on the radio every 5 minutes. 2 weeks in the Dominican Republic was exactly what I needed!

I have a strange relationship with change. I seem to constantly seek it out and yet at the same time it makes me so uncomfortable. At this point I had left my full time job, the city I lived in, the person I loved and was staking my future on my own company and my dream of being a Travel Videographer. I had some experience under my belt and this trip marked a step up in the ladder. More responsibility, more work…more fun?

Dominican Travel Videographer

Bedroom Shoot. La Romana, DR – Photo by Ant Tran

A Dominican Summer

I remember watching 3 sad films on the flight there. Moonlight, Captain Fantastic, and a documentary about the people of the world…I cried at every single one. But that sparked a changed, I felt so inspired and ready to just let it all go and enjoy my time, my work and my passion. I owe so much of that to Ant and Beth who I worked with a lot while I was there. I honestly don’t think I have ever laughed so much at such random little things. I’ll give you an example:

We were trying to capture some photos/videos with Beth pretending to be a student. In the picture above I was translating some French from her book and Ant took a snap. I LOOK SO CREEPY. It looks like some innocent student was reading a book and I strolled in and put my hand on her leg (my hand isn’t on her leg but it looks like it, right?). We were literally crying with laughter. So many evenings Ant and I would end our day, feet in the pool just talking about life, I think that was my therapy. Just connecting honestly about my thoughts and feelings with another human being.

I guess there’s no real ending or moral to this story but I learned something. I learned that you just have to give in to the moments. Each morning I woke up and I could either be sad/stressed/anxious, or I could just submit to what the day had and try my best to make every moment a reason to smile. And that’s what I did. And I loved it. Thank you for reading, my friend 🙂

Surgery Travel Videographer

Filming in surgeries with Ant Tran. Santo Domingo, DR – Photo By Unknown

We also interviewed some of the students on a beach in Saona Island that you can view here. As well as writing an article on the whole experience alongside hiring my first freelance photographer which you can also read about here.

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