There comes a time in every man’s life when he is faced with two options. Being dog friendly or being a dog fiend.

Today I stand before you at this cross roads.

Call it hipster, post-millennial or whatever else you can conjure up. But it is becomingly increasingly common for small businesses and start ups to take on the label of being ‘dog friendly’. But at what point does this become TOO friendly?

Becoming Dog Friendly

Ok, I’m not going to lie, I found this video hard to film and still find it hard to watch.

I grew up as ‘dog indifferent’ but after we hired Arnold to work in our Leeds Office under the role of ‘Chief of Belly Scratches’, I had to take the leap towards becoming dog friendly.

It wasn’t easy. I had to learn to ‘good boy’ when I wanted to stay silent. I trained for hours on raising my pitch several octaves to fully get his tail wagging. Then came the hard part.

The doggy kisses.

Everyone acted so blasé.

“It’s one of the cleanest places in the world” they told me.

“All the cool kids are doing it” they cried.

“Just try it”.

For weeks I was given the title of not being ‘dog friendly’ until I could take it no more.

I put an apple slice in my mouth and strode over to my canine colleague.

Well you can watch the video to see what happened but…we haven’t been able to look each other in the eye since.

See you next week friends, keep your dogs away from me!

CTK Team