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I’m not saying I’m the most successful traveller or by any means an expert on the subject, but in 2017/2018 I set out to combine work and travel and did just that. Earning solely through travel and making a decent salary at the same time. Travel has never been as easy and popular as it is today so it’s one of the questions I get asked the most often. How can I travel and get paid for it? Lets get into it.

Stable or Temp?


Do you want to make travel your focus? If so the best way is to hone in on where you want to go/what you want to discover. Then use websites like WorkAway or WWOOF (both have been recommended by friends) in order to do temp work in exchange for food and board or sometimes money as well. It’s not the most stable career for people wanting to make a salary but it can sustain a travel lifestyle for those that aren’t overly materialistic or money conscious.


A really popular way is to secure work in one specific place and explore that area. Language jobs are a great example of this. People teach English as a second language or if you’ve got other languages under your belt you might want to try working as something with a bit more variety. But what if you only speak English and don’t want to teach it? Don’t worry fam, I got you! I’ve come across Jobbatical a few times and it seems like a great way to get higher tier jobs in foreign countries. You can search by skill set or location and they even give you handy information about the cost of living locally and convert it into your local currency for reference. My final trick for securing work in a specific place is to check on huge company websites that have offices in multiple locations. Kayak, Trip Advisor, Airbnb or even ones that aren’t related to travel like Google, Slack, Facebook etc.

Somewhere in between

If the above is what gets you going. Great! You know what you want to do and hopefully you have some links to get you started. But if not things get little more complicated. I got started with a company that had travel as part of their brand and on my first day I got asked if I would like to travel to Tanzania in 6 days (at the time I lived in France, flew to England for the interview and had no idea the job involved travel – winning!). I’ve since come to run my own company and transitioned into being more of a Digital Nomad. If you’re new to the term, let me explain.

Investopedia defines a Digital Nomad as :

Digital nomads are people who are location independent and use technology to perform their job. Digital nomads work remotely, telecommuting rather than being physically present at a company’s headquarters or office.

A really quick way (which may not be possible for everyone) is to convince your current boss that you’re able to work remotely. Since a lot of what I did when I wasn’t travelling was editing in an office, I transitioned to editing from home, or for most of last year, editing abroad. This isn’t going to be possible for everyone but we’ll get deeper into this in the next section.

Finding your purpose

I know this sounds like some new age, privileged nonsense – and maybe it is, I mean this is a blog on how to make money and travel. It doesn’t get much more clichéd than this baby! But hear me out.

This is where I usually begin when people tell me they want to combine work and travel. What is it you want to DO? Hell, even if you don’t want to travel, this is a good question to ask yourself (if you can afford to). What makes you happy? What gets your motor running? If it’s something that’s already easy to travel with, GREAT! Maybe you have an Instagramable beach body or make travel videos on Youtube – it’s 2019, who doesn’t? But for some things you may have to get a little more creative. Creativity is a good place to start. With sites like Etsy (and to some extent, crowd funding websites) it’s easier than ever to make things and sell them online. You could even make your own web store. If English is your area of study or you enjoy writing, there’s loads of room online for articles, copy writing, proof reading etc.

Purpose Vendiagram Travel Videographer

(A guide to finding your purpose)

Thanks to the internet, almost anything can be turned into a travelling job – I challenge you to prove me wrong. If you’re a builder but don’t want to build on location, you could give online teaching a try (think Skillshare). If you’re in hospitality there’s air hosting. You’re a nurse? There’s Travel Nursing. You’re a fisherman? Maybe try a non-murderous vocation…like ice dancing.


Sometimes you can take anything and find the right people to help you do it. I didn’t want to be a dancer, but after living in Sweden and France I had dance contacts in both places. I taught my first workshop in France in 2017, Sweden in 2018 and within a year I gained contacts which lead me to teaching in neighbouring cities. Through those contacts I even taught in Morocco, which I would never have dreamed of. You don’t know where opportunities and having the right contacts might take you, so always try to stay open and as friendly as possible (that’s generally a good tip for life in general).


(Teaching dance on a rooftop – Imsouane, Morocco)

Be Proactive

We’re at a time where you can learn/do so much from the comfort of your own home (I’m writing this in bed…in the nude). If you’re a chef but want to make the next Hollywood blockbuster, you can literally get a film schools worth of education for free online. Buy a camera, make a film, make mistakes, make another, spend every evening watching ‘how-to’ videos. I have a video production company and that is literally what we did. We studied film at University but technology changes to the point of near obsolescence when you leave. In order to stay relevant; keep learning, keep putting yourself out there and keep making mistakes. Because it’s better to make mistakes on your own time, than on somebody else’s.


I’m not here to preach ‘The Secret’ or the law of attraction. But I think something can be said for combining belief with some of the steps above. If you don’t believe you’re going to make it happen, then people that could support your journey won’t either. Self belief comes across in your conviction, your body language, your passion. These alone can be immensely powerful. I had the Instagram @travelvideographer before I was an actual travel videographer just because I felt like it was something I wanted to grow into. If I market myself as what I want to be, it will increase my chances of being noticed for it.

I’m still early on in my journey and constantly learning new things, but I hope you found something in this helpful. If you want to talk more about it or maybe you have something that I could add, drop me a message at or find me on Facebook and Instagram.

Take it sleazy.

Love, Kallum <3