Watch Buying a Van Without Enough Money!
30 Before 30 Episode 2 –

Here it is! The second instalment of 30 Before 30. If you’re asking yourself, “What’s 30 before 30?”, you might want to catch up on Episode 1 where I take my driving test. But don’t worry if not, you’ll pick it up quick.

To Buy or Not To Buy

Buying a van may not seem like a big deal. But for me it’s a small part of a much bigger plan (spoiler: I’m talking camper van baby). It’s also my first car (well…van). I’m sure many of you out there have fond memories of your first car. It’s usually a landmark moment in becoming an adult and I want mine to be special.

So here we are…Driving to Wales with very little money, no idea about vans and very little knowledge of magic (that will make sense after you watch the video). The ‘very little money’ wasn’t part of the plan. I’m not one for negotiating and the thought of haggling just makes me feel awkward. But unfortunately I forgot that cash machines had a withdrawal limit and I was just too busy that day to go to the bank. So after raiding my piggy bank and doing some armed robbery I scraped together as much money as I could, got a friend or 2 to help with driving me to and from Wales and set off to see a man about a van.

I estimate around 5 (probably less) people will read this far and watch the video. So if you’re one of those few, giving the video a like and even subscribing would mean a LOOTTTTT to us. We’re just 4 plucky young men trying to make you smile.

I hope you have the best day and are working towards your goals.

God speed friend!

CTK Team