Watch the Bury Lodge Promotional Video –


Back in 2017 we had the pleasure of filming a weekend wedding at Bury Lodge in Stansted. As a result, last year we were contacted to make a promotional video using the footage we had of the venue from the wedding. Bury Lodge is a beautiful venue with an amazing staff, that we thoroughly enjoyed working alongside for the duration of the wedding.

The Challenge

This was a difficult task because when we filmed the wedding, capturing the venue wasn’t our top priority. Likewise when we reviewed the footage, we of course hadn’t specifically set aside shots of the wedding venue. Our focus and top priority was to find footage that served the wedding videos we were creating.

Bury Lodge Blog Image


The Solution

However here at CTK we love challenges, we love making videos and we loving taking on new projects. So we set about searching for those shots of the venue that we didn’t know we had and managed to put together a great first promo from the masses of footage. From there we cut it back to create a sleek, concise and cinematic promo that we’re really pleased with.

We hope enjoy watching it too.

CTK Team