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As always if you’ve not watched the Perpetual Product Placement sketch, you’re going to want to go and do that!

Behind the Product Placement –

With this behind the scenes I wanted to give a little insight into the story and our process for writing these sketches. Everything happens so fast. We don’t tend to sit down, brainstorm ideas and write sketches. What usually happens is we’ll get together on Sykpe. Shoot the sh**. Then at some point someone will say something that triggers an idea. From then someone else will build on it, and before we know it we have a vision.

Because everything comes to us so fast we tend to have a LOT of ideas and sketches in the vault waiting to be made. This one is the first one we’ve put out where it’s actually us as characters. Kofi is playing Kallum that usually directs the sketches, and Joe is playing Cash that usually writes the sketches.

With such a small crew it’s easy for us to improvise and go off script so it’s not uncommon for us to make small changes if something happens that we like or as usually happens someone brings something awesome to the character that hasn’t been thought of before.

Needless to say it’s a lot of fun and we try to show that in he behind the scenes.

So sit back. Relax. And wrap your eye circles around this BTS.

As always you can find us on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook or shooting dice at your local car dealership.

CTK Team