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First off, if you’ve not seen our Make Texts Not Calls sketch yet – go watch that now!

This is a bit of a vintage behind the scenes as it was almost 2 years ago now – look how short my hair was! Look how inflated Kofi’s ego was! Look how optimistic and chipper we were! Now we’re bitter, sceptical shells of our former selves.

We decided that for the rest of the year we will give you a new video every week. This video has remained unfinished for a long time but we thought it was essential that we started with our first short film.

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Behind the Behind the Scenes

Making it was a fun and hectic experience. We’ve grown in our efficiency and planning but as you can tell from the video we were so laid back with our lack of organisation. No storyboard, no call sheet. It was all in my head and apparently that was good enough for rock n roll.

Because we were all working full time and weren’t filming locally, we didn’t have time to view the location in advance. We had to plan the shoot around what we had to work with on the day. This meant staging and composing each shot around what we had to work with near by, both in terms of structures and lighting.

The great thing is that it made the surroundings a part of the film. The forest, the barriers, the wall he hides behind. They all work so well within the scene simply because the scene was built around them. People with big budgets and teams of people can find the perfect location or build settings that fit their vision. However, for us it often means cutting things out or compromising. But hopefully in time we can put more of our vision into the stories. So thank you for watching, and until next time, consider helping us out by following us! We have Youtube, Facebook or you can check back next week to see what we’ve been cooking up.

Stay classy.

CTK Team.