A bride twerking to Wu Tang Clan in her wedding dress? Check. 
The groom going off script during the ceremony? Check. 
Stripping on the dancefloor? Hilarious and emotional speeches? Double check!

The Wedding Day –

Summer weddings are always beautiful. They’re made even more so when you have a stunning bride and groom, the Northumberland countryside and an equally amazing venue.

Weddings are always loving, romantic and extremely picturesque – But what we especially loved was that Alex was as enthusiastic as we are about capturing more than that – the fun, the energy, the vibrance and excitement that goes along with a wedding and often gets missed in wedding videos.

We just love everything about it! The joy and love of our day couldn’t have been captured more perfectly. We will never tire of watching it!! – Alex (the bride)

I smile every time I watch this video because the story and people are just so brilliant. It’s easy to get caught up in what we want as a media company. Those 4k, pre-planned, posed dolly shots; and we do truly love those too but it’s important not to miss out that hilarious or beautiful moment that came out of nowhere and you nearly missed.

Weddings are honestly one of our favourite things to capture and everything about this wedding is the reason why. They created such a stunning event. The venue, the flowers, the dress, and then they added the most bubbly and beautiful of people.

Thank you Alex and Alex and all the best to the rest of your lives together.

Video Production: CTK Media
Photographer: Rachael Fraser Photography
Venue: Brinkburn Northumberland Weddings
Wedding Article: Brides Up North

Alex + Alex Wedding Video: