The African Safari Experience –

So this is a throw back to Safari 2016 when I went on my first travel journey as a professional videographer.

I really wanted to capture the raw energy and intensity that I felt while on the safari. It was an incredible experience for me. Understandably I was in constant awe and couldn’t believe how close the animals were. Truth be told I was wet behind the ears, it was a completely new experience having never done any form of wildlife videography I was learning while on the job. Focal lengths, aperture, composition, technique went out the window and I had to rebuild what I knew from the ground up.

Filming Tanzania Safari Image

     (Kallum Love filming on Safari. Ruaha National Park, Tanzania)

Nothing quite compares to an authentic Tanzanian safari. The drivers knew just where to go and how close to get to ensure the animals feels safe and act as natural as possible. You could never see a family of elephants stopping for an afternoon drink of water in a zoo. Or watch a group of gazelles running from an approaching lion. These are real animals in their natural habitat and it’s incredibly beautiful to witness. To top all of this off we even made a stop afterwards to visit some of the Maasai and their village. Such a great welcoming of singing, jumping and an unforgettable experience.


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The Best Experience?

Whenever anybody asks me my favourite place I’ve been to or my favourite experience this is always my answer. Your first time is always special (heyoooo). So this experience will always hold a special experience in my life. The culture, the scenery, the people, the sunsets. There really is nothing quite like Africa in all my experiences and would jump at the opportunity to go back. What’s your favourite place you’ve ever been? Best experience abroad you’ve ever had? I would love to hear and maybe get some ideas of where I should visit.

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Stay tuned! – Kallum Love

African Safari 2018: