Have you ever been on a date? No, me neither but apparently they’re popular. Plus, Vegans are hot right now so why not exploit that?

I am, of course, half-joking.

Date a vegan, something something meat in

This idea occurred just by pushing a normal situation to the extreme. It’s part black comedy, part surrealism with the intention of it being played very straight until that final moment. At which point you open the flood gates.

The strangeness also allows us to touch upon some preconceptions people might have. Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean your aim is to tell the world. It also doesn’t mean you’re going to preach to people like a Christian extremist.

Some people just want to chill and not have to explain to people over and over again, about one particular aspect of their lives. Despite what the existence of Instagram influencers may suggest. [Editor’s note: “oh snap!”]

How to improve an already mediocre script

The benefit of a table read and the reason we do these, is very evident in this video. Feedback and collaboration. If you’ve written a script or story, the best thing you can do is get eyes on it. Get reactions, opinions and just generally discuss it with others. You’re not obligated to change anything, so there’s no risk. However, it will tell you if what you’ve written lands how you want it to. What might need punching up and what ideas others have that can really bring new life to it.

When the guys discuss the Vegan Date script, they add more to it. Editing the waiter character’s actions into the background gives the scene more depth and comedy.

Will we film it?

Yes, I think so, it’s straightforward, has plenty of potential for a unique style and a simple setup, largely over the shoulder. A good sketch keeps it simple, so the message and the jokes have the ability to shine through. That said, the next script will involve a 50ft tall robot sea monster battling a meteorite storm. There’s a butt joke in it too. It’s funny, trust me.

Watch the video. Or Don’t. Love vegans. Love everyone. Don’t eat puppies.

That’s the message.

See you next week!

CTK Team