Watch 5 Vegan Takeaways –

That Takeaway Deliciousness –

Don’t feel like cooking? Tried Veganuary and don’t know where you can eat out? Just want some fresh ideas? Fam




Kofi and Kall put their heads together, using Kofi’s knowledge of Hull and Kall’s knowledge of absolutely nothing. Speaking of Kall. All the meals in the video are suitable for nut allergy sufferers (but eat at your own risk, I’m just saying I was fine).

We gave ourselves a few hours to find a wide variety of foods, all under £10, all vegan and all delicious! Want something for £3? DONE. Want to splash out and spend £8? Fancy pants. NO PROBLEM!

Sometimes it can be a bit awkward to ask places to make alterations or ask if they’re suitable for vegans so we thought we’d do the leg work and get you started. Don’t hesitate to let us know your favourite or if you have any takeaways to recommend.


Stick around too because we’ll be coming at you with some Kofi’s Kitchen recipes in the near future including a “What I Eat in a Day” video.

Stay loving that plant based food.

CTK Team