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Going skiing? Been skiing? Own a pet that’s always skiing? Here’s 5 must haves if you’re going to have the the greatest ski trip.

Honestly, I love travelling, and I love making videos, so what better than to combine travel and videography in order to create cinematic videos of my travel experiences? This was me sort of testing the waters and seeing what I can create with no planning, filming when I can and putting a story together afterwards. I have loads of footage just like this that I want to put together and generally just start expressing my love for adventure. Feel free to join me along the way my friends!

Skiing with a camera?

Skiing was a difficult way to start. Despite my background in dancing and skating (2 things routed in balance and poise), I am not the best skier. So the idea of taking my camera out on the slopes was terrifying. Adding to this the fact that IT WAS COLD (who knew?), made it unideal conditions for me to do some filming. However, not being one to shy away from a challenge, I dug my heels in and went at it head first. I would love to know what you think of my first attempt and what your skiing experiences have been. Stay frosty cool! Stay tuned! Peace.

Travel Video Mountains Image

Love Mountains, France. Photo by Kallum Love

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Stay tuned! – Kallum Love

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