Watch 1998 Vauxhall Arena Video

We make a lot of videos. Some for clients,  some for weddings, some just for fun.

But we don’t always get to share them all with you. This means that sometimes our ability to actually make things look good gets lost. We don’t want to just be Youtubers, or just corporate video producers or just wedding videographers.

Film-making is an amazing and diverse discipline and that’s why we love it.

We get to constantly push ourself in different ways and make people smile for different reasons.

So following the 30 before 30 episode 2 (where Kallum had to buy a van without enough money) we wanted to give the van it’s own little spotlight.

We get to change the mood and show a different side to CTK. One that we hope you enjoy watching.

The Challenge

The challenge was to take what was in front of me and make it look good in around 10 minutes. That happened to be the Vauxhall Arena.

The sun is unflatteringly high in the sky. It was covered in cob webs and sat on the street in front of my house.

Perfect! Challenge accepted.

The conditions aren’t always going to be in my favour and I’m not always going have control of my lighting, time restraints, location etc. So challenges like this keep me sharp and on my toes.

It also allows me to make mistakes and try things out that might not work. This way I get to learn new tricks and techniques that I can use in actual shoots. When I’m in a situation to control all those uncontrollables, I know I can make a video people are really going to love.

We’re always happy to get feedback and engage with the people that watch our content.

Thanks for stopping by!

CTK Team