Here at CTK Media we love film making, which makes us very flexible and open to new ideas – so if you have an idea that doesn’t fall into any of our pre-existing services don’t hesitate to get in contact and see if there is a service we could offer, or build on together.

Corporate Delivery

We’re able to fully design and deliver videos that’ll cover any and all business needs.

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Dominican Republic Orphanage

Training & Education

Video is a powerful tool for learning, be in training teams or educating students of all ages.

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Animation & Graphics

Be it bold and striking animated explainer videos or simple graphic overlays,
we can do it all.

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 Research, Conception & Planning

The early development stages can be the most important stages of video production – being as rigorous and in-depth during the planning stages makes for a much more smooth and efficient shoot. This is why we find it crucial to make sure ahead of time that we have the best possible understanding of the intentions of your films and the audience you wish to reach.

From there we can present to you a number of concepts for the project, or maybe you already have an idea that we can develop and adapt to every aspect of the film-making process.

Full Service Video Production

At CTK Media, our fully qualified Video Production team have been commissioned on projects around the UK, Ireland and France. We are able to manage video productions from start to finish on variety of projects such as; website content videos, TV adverts, social media video campaigns, animation designs, atmospheric video backgrounds and events. Each video is tailored to meet your needs

We have a number of cameras (including 4k video capability), sound equipment and an LED lighting setup to cover the needs of almost all media shoots. We also provide accurate budgets and ensure we deliver consistently on time and to a high standard of quality.

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Our post-production work flow is something we have refined over the years, working across multiple platforms to best manage footage and produce something of quality. A ‘generic’ editing look isn’t something we enjoy replicating and so every project we work on has our own personal signature, making it stand out of the crowd with a unique flair.

There are various possibilities when it comes to video distribution and we want to make sure that we carry out what best fits the needs of for your company and image. With various in-house social media channels at our disposal as well as knowledge on Youtube Channel Management and Optimisation, we make sure to implement a customer specific marketing campaign in order to ensure the video reaches its highest potential and audience engagement.

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Whilst we are still a relatively fresh and new company, our team have been active in various fields of video production for up to 10 years and have built up a lot of experience in that time.

Our media consultations can help to lend fresh eyes and ears to aid your company in overcoming any media pitfalls or creativity blocks. Whether it’s a script and story review, social media and marketing aims assessment or pre-distribution evaluation. We are able to help structure, develop and provide constructive feedback for your company’s project.

 Wedding Video Services

CTK Media wedding services

We genuinely love capturing weddings. The energy, the emotion. There’s just so many beautiful, candid moments ready to be captured on film – and that’s where we come in. Weddings are such precious moments, so it’s important that your wedding videographers are the right fit. If you’re looking to have all those real, organic and un-staged moments captured by professionals that love what they do, then we might just be a match made in heaven. Click here to find out our available packages

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