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Gap Medics + The Medic Portal in Tanzania

GapMedics x The Medic Portal - Tanzania

Gap Medics x The Medic Portal Gap Medics and The Medic Portal are collaborating to give a fantastic Community Healthcare placement in Tanzania. We had the immense pleasure of creating a video to show just how much happens on one of their placements. While our videos are often heavily driven by music, this video gave […]

A Travel Video With A Difference – 5 Ski Trip Tips

Ski Trip News Image

Travel Videographer – Going skiing? Been skiing? Own a pet that’s always skiing? Here’s 5 must haves if you’re going to have the the greatest ski trip. Honestly, I love travelling, and I love making videos, so what better than to combine travel and videography in order to create cinematic videos of my travel experiences? […]

Gap Medics African Safari 2018 – Africa is Back!

African Safari news image

African Safari v2.0 It was our pleasure to update this fast paced African safari video; filmed by our director back in 2016. We wanted to capture the raw energy and intensity that you feel when on a safari and there was plenty of footage to choose from. We were understandably in constant awe and couldn’t […]

Filming an African Safari – My Best Experience?

African Safari news image

The African Safari Experience – So this is a throw back to Safari 2016 when I went on my first travel journey as a professional videographer. I really wanted to capture the raw energy and intensity that I felt while on the safari. It was an incredible experience for me. Understandably I was in constant […]