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Gap Medics + The Medic Portal in Tanzania

GapMedics x The Medic Portal - Tanzania

Gap Medics x The Medic Portal Gap Medics and The Medic Portal are collaborating to give a fantastic Community Healthcare placement in Tanzania. We had the immense pleasure of creating a video to show just how much happens on one of their placements. While our videos are often heavily driven by music, this video gave […]

A Travel Video With A Difference – 5 Ski Trip Tips

Ski Trip News Image

Travel With A Camera Going skiing? Been skiing? Own a pet that’s always skiing? Here’s 5 must haves if you’re going to have the the greatest ski trip. Here at CTK we love travelling. So what better than to combine travel and videography in order to create cinematic videos of our travel experiences. This is our […]

Gap Medics African Safari 2018 – Africa is Back!

African Safari news image

African Safari v2.0 It was out pleasure to update this fast paced African safari video; filmed by our director back in 2016. We wanted to capture the raw energy and intensity that you feel when on a safari and there was plenty of footage to choose from. We were understandably in constant awe and couldn’t […]